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March 10, 2011

A week ago tomorrow was our last day in La Galina. I am no longer sore and most of my cuts and bruises are healed. Already, though, I miss the hard work and the feeling of progress at the end of each day. I also miss working side by side with the families for whom this project means so much. I could barely, if at all, communicate with them. However, I could see in their eyes and smiles and nods that they were grateful we were there.

Slowly Habitat is changing their lives. One house...

Day 7 Granada=Heaven

March 5, 2011

Today we headed back south and through Managua. We stopped at a National park and we got to see an active volcano. There were also beautiful 360• views when you climb to very top.  

Then we arrived in heaven! Cloth table cloths! Cloth napkins! No Mosquitoes! Salad with salad dressing! 60 minute massages for $25 US dollars! Meat cooked medium rare! Cold bottled water! 

We went on a beautiful boat ride in the huge lake here. There are over 300 islands and many of them have...

Day 6 We Survived and Learned A Lot

March 4, 2011

Today we started working early and were done by lunch time.  

There are about 25 rows of bricks in a completed house. We got through row 13-almost the top of the doorway and windows. 

We also smoothed out the floor in the 2nd house and painted the outside of the "bathroom" (not quite an outhose, not quite a port-o-potty, they call it a latrine). For an extra touch we bought Habitat green and blue to make it look pretty on the outside. Thankfully I can't describe the inside of...

Day 5 Tired and Sore

March 3, 2011

Tired. Very tired. It was also very rewarding to look back at photos of where we started and where we are today. We even had to add scaffolding in order to reach the top level of bricks today.  

We moved over 44 buckets of sand, 12 buckets of stone, 6 50lb bags of cement mix, and 25 buckets of water. This made 2 piles of grout that was used to add 3 rows of bricks and 1 3/4 piles of cement flooring that covered the whole inside floor of the house. After the piles were made (by hand...

Day 4 more of the same

March 2, 2011

Today we started an hour earlier, breakfast at 6 and working by 7(ish). 

We moved countless truck loads of dirt, stone and cement. We added 5 more rows of brick to the wall. It is about chest or chin high now.

Everyone worked really hard today and it seemed to make the day go by more quickly.  I am pretty good at doing many things with both hands and/or either hand  Unfortunately shoveling is not one of them. I now have 4 rips on my right hand and one on my left.  


Day 3 We Start to Work on the House

March 1, 2011

Well I beat out Mike, I offically survived 2 days of manual labor. Today we started to lay the bricks. First we had to move the bricks from the "factory" where we made them. We had a truck to take the first load. But after that we carried 4 bricks at a time (32 lbs each) up hill in a wheel barrel. I did this about 10 times. It was literally an up hill, sandy, bumpy route and I thought I might pass out! Today I was reminded of my years as a gymnast as my hands, which were blistered yesterday...

Day 1 and 2 Meet and Greet with the Families and Work with the Village

February 28, 2011

Upon our arrival we drove over to La Gallina to see the work space and meet the family that we were going to help all week. As we approached we realized that the entire village was sitting patiently awaiting our arrival. When we got ou of our bus they applauded for us. It was very touching and made it all worth it! We said a prayer with them an w were introduced to everyone. Then we went to the current home of the family we are helping. They have eight people sleeping in a space smaller than...

I'm here!

February 27, 2011

I made it! I landed in Managua around noon on Saturday. Our Habitat Nicaragua person, Elise, met us at the airport and transported us to our hotel. It is more of a be and breakfast . There is a pool and a nice indoor outdoor patio area. here are mangoes falling from the trees in the courtyard. Very cool!

We drove through the city to get here. The city sites were a bit sad-there were horses with carriages pulling literally a dozen kids in the back. The horses were very thin and bony....

Updates, Packing and last minute thoughts

February 23, 2011

First, I would like to thank all my friends and family, as of yesterday I successfully reached my goal of raising $3500!!! That is enough for one entire house in Nicaragua-all additional funds raised will go towards a 2nd house. I could not have done this without you. I am so grateful and humbled that everyone was so generous and supportive of me and my trip.

After waking up this morning to 20 degree weather, I am more than ready to get down to Nicaragua. I am in the final stages of...

one week until departure

February 19, 2011

Well I have had my vaccines and the pile of things on my floor that I need to pack is growing by the day. I leave a week from today.

Our general itinerary:

Arrive Saturday - Managua, group dinner @ hotel
Sunday - Bus transport to San Rafael del Sur, hotel check-in, community and orientation
Monday - Friday - worksite build, adobe plant for one day
Friday - half work day, thank you/farewell ceremony with the families
Saturday - Transportation back to...

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