Day 3 We Start to Work on the House

March 1, 2011 - 18:33

Well I beat out Mike, I offically survived 2 days of manual labor. Today we started to lay the bricks. First we had to move the bricks from the "factory" where we made them. We had a truck to take the first load. But after that we carried 4 bricks at a time (32 lbs each) up hill in a wheel barrel. I did this about 10 times. It was literally an up hill, sandy, bumpy route and I thought I might pass out! Today I was reminded of my years as a gymnast as my hands, which were blistered yesterday, looked like I had rips from the Uneven bars. These bricks were then laid on the foundation. We were tasked to complete 5 rows all the way around the boarder of the house. We learned how to mix the mortar (which entailed sifting more dirt and then mixing by hand with water and cement) and spread it on the foundation and then stack the bricks, fill the cracks and holes and keep going. It is way more difficult than it sounds.

The other property has it's walls up already and they added the roof. We weren't allowed up there so instead we were simultaneously tasked with emptying truck loads of rocks and stones from a truck into wheel barrels that were then dumped on the floor of the house. We had a Machine to pound down and compact the stones and rocks. I emptied at least 3 truck loads and it was incredibly hard work. I tried pushing the barrels for one truck load but that was not much easier than emptying the truck.

After a full day working we had not finished the full 5 rows if bricks so 4 of us stayed longer to complete the work. The village people were going to finish regardless of whether we stayed or not-we figured we could suck it up and help. They seemed grateful and I was glad to stay. The only downside was that as the sun went down the bugs came out (don't worry mom and dad, I had bug spray).

On another note, as I was falling asleep I had a thought...I wish Pat could be here but John would definitely not be psyched when Pat came home with at least 4 very hungry and sad looking horses.

Also so far my Spanish is not get much better, sorry Em. I keep saying oui instead of si.

I went for my 2nd post-work day swim. I was caked with mud and the ocean helped but I still required a serious shower to get off the grime.

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