I'm Raising Money To Help Haiti Rebuild

My Goal: $3,600

Raised So Far: $1,967.00

55% Funded

This fundraiser has expired.

My Appeal

Like most of the world, I sat in stunned disbelief as the terrible events of January 12th, 2010 unfolded. Hours turned to days, days to weeks, weeks to months. The devastation was enormous, it was hard to comprehend. Now a year and a half later and Haiti has been pushed off the front page.

My goal as a volunteer is to bring Haiti's story back, from disaster to recovery. I'm honored to be part of the next wave of Habitat for Humanity volunteers on the ground, paving the way for even more in the coming months and years ahead.

We will make a difference, We Are Habitat.

Donor Wall

Daryl Motte9/8/2011$100.00
Tyre Banks9/7/2011$100.00
Natalie Presley9/6/2011$50.00
Andrea Heesaker9/2/2011$85.00Thanks again for the Haitian sculpture Loyal!
Mitzi McDaniel9/2/2011$65.00GO LOYAL! GO LOYAL! GO LOYAL!
Tracy Sahleen9/1/2011$50.00Thank you so much I am so excited! My Address is 288 South 100 East, Washington, UT 84780
Nannette Chandler9/1/2011$105.00
Terri Noppen9/1/2011$50.00
Nicole Harms7/22/2011$137.00Making the world a better place... one adventure at a time!! Thanks for all you do Loyal!
Kevin Hudson6/21/2011$40.00Go get em, bear-man!
Marie Louis6/21/2011$25.00Loyal you are a 'Super Star" and great humanitarian on this planet!
Marie Louis6/21/2011$25.00Kudos to you Loyal for making this world a better place! You are a shining star of example!!!!
Ryan Olivier6/21/2011$25.00
Sheree Morrow6/21/2011$100.00Thank you for doing the good things!
KARIN WANSERSKI6/20/2011$10.00
Jeff Schade6/20/2011$25.00
deb toman6/20/2011$25.00I figured out what was wrong...I was trying to do this on my home computer which is still on dial up...the donation button wouldn't load...had no problem at the store...thanks for the work you are doing for Haiti...
Andrew Dunn6/20/2011$100.00Thumbs up!
Anonymous6/20/2011$25.00Best of luck, Loyal!
Kristi Prins6/16/2011$25.00Léogâne is about 25 miles north of Jacmel, which is where an organization that love, Hands Helping Haiti, does their work (health care, water purification, education). Have a safe and productive trip!
Ryan Neibauer6/16/2011$50.00Cheers, sir!
David Johnston 6/16/2011$25.00
Sandy Ploy6/10/2011$30.00Keep saving the world Loyal. I will always be able to say I knew you when you were just the sexiest cupcake judge in Milwaukee. ;-)
shelly lalonde6/6/2011$250.00Happy that I can help! S.
Gerry Nassar6/5/2011$50.00All the best man. Great cause!
Mark Grass6/3/2011$20.00
Anonymous6/1/2011$330.00Good luck in Haiti. Be safe. You're awesome!!! And sexy!!!
Julie Stewart5/28/2011$20.00


We Are Habitat

May 30, 2011

My first official post. I'm a serial blogger so I promise my next post will be better. With pics AND stories AND awesome HTML formatting!!!

Until then...


69 Days until Haiti.

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