Send vital funds to Haiti for long-term recovery

My Goal: $3,700

Raised So Far: $2,580.00

70% Funded

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My Appeal

In August, I’ll be traveling to Haiti to help dig foundations for permanent homes – a drop in the bucket. Families facing hurricane season in a tent need so much more than what I can give alone. They need what we can raise together. If each volunteer can multiply their impact, we can make a real difference.

If 100 people give $50 each, we've built one house in Haiti.

If 400 volunteers inspire 100 people to give $50 each, we've built a community.

Donating is easy. It's tax-deductible. It's Habitat.

50,000 families by 2015. Make your dollars part of something giant.

Donor Wall

Sheila Crowley8/6/2011$100.00
Jeff Banas8/4/2011$100.00Best of luck, Steph!
Flora Calderon8/3/2011$25.00
Stow Witwer8/3/2011$200.00
Anonymous7/25/2011$200.00Keep up the good work!
Heather Hanna7/25/2011$150.00Hey Sister. So good to hear from you and glad your life has been blessed by love and what sounds like a beautiful home. When can I come to visit? Great to know that you are still so inspired by and committed to the Habitat cause. With love, Heather
Stephanie Zehren-Thomas7/25/2011$100.00We should each be so lucky as to have moments in which we know we have done our best to change this world for the better. With much gratitude for the work that you do, and for the inspiration you bring...
Anonymous7/25/2011$35.00Best wishes on your trip! Thanks so much for doing it! I'm proud of you and look forward to hearing how it goes. Smiles, Adam
Anonymous7/16/2011$100.00Oh crap, my 0 key got stuck. Guess it's your lucky day and you get a hundred bucks instead of a dollar.
amy skiba6/28/2011$50.00
Richard Banas6/7/2011$250.00Stephanie: May God Bless you and your team in your work in Haiti.
Prince Saint-Exupéry5/29/2011$50.00i love you
Deri ament5/29/2011$25.00
Matt Luce5/29/2011$100.00
David Minich5/18/2011$25.00


Nearly on the road to Haiti... and ever learning

August 5, 2011

On the plane over from Costa Rica to the Dominican Republic in prep for our trip, I took a deep breath and a break from team logistics to read up more on Habitat Haiti facts. In a few minutes we have a little interview here in the DR. Which makes me realize that the need in Haiti is not entirely old news to the outside world. Encouraging.

There are many things about our upcoming trip that are not considered a typical Habitat experience. But then again, what’s “typical” about any...

A sense of urgency

June 27, 2011

In a recent article posted in The Guardian, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter suggests we need to view housing, not as a dream, but a basic, human necessity.

A necessity that is urgently unfulfilled for many, but that many of us have the resources to help provide. A necessity that every person should have the right to have a shot at.

"When we understand the magnitude of housing needs and their different forms in communities worldwide, we will recognize that as more fortunate...

Moments of Haiti

June 1, 2011

As I am preparing to travel to Haiti, and to help lead a team of some of the most willing volunteers I have ever spoken with... I have been looking back over the past year in photos.

I would like to share some of my favorite photos with you. If you mouse over them, each has a description.

As a Habitat staff person, I am spoiled. I have access to the best face of our work; I see the small steps captured in each photo that doesn't make it into our publications. I see the...

Help Haiti rebuild homes and hope - permanently

May 10, 2011

In August I'll be traveling to Leogane, Haiti to help rebuild alongside families affected by the January 2010 earthquake. As volunteers and donors, there is so much left to do to support Haiti's long term recovery. My personal goal is to raise a minimum of $2,500 for Haiti before I leave. I invite you to help.

Thanks, Thrivent!

March 1, 2011

Hello from the Latin America and Caribbean regional office in San José, Costa Rica!

So cool that Thrivent is supporting Smokeless Stoves in Guatemala. Some time ago we did a story on the project for Habitat World magazine - some of which I've shared, along with photos. I was incredibly moved by the difference that such a simple solution can make in the life of one family. I look forward to hearing more about your experience!

If you like, you can read the Habitat World story at...

Smokeless Stoves - The benefits

March 1, 2011

Habitat for Humanity Guatemala helps families to build smokeless stoves that are safe, well-ventilated and burn efficiently, reducing the amount of wood that each family needs to survive and removing nearly all the smoke from the home. They provide a stable and safe surface around the stove that can be used for food preparation before cooking, and which keeps hot pots and pans outside the reach of wandering little hands. Safe and efficient, Habitat eco-stoves better the health and economy of...

The dangers of open fires

March 1, 2011

In many regions of Guatemala, open fires used for cooking are built inside or next to the home, often in poorly ventilated areas. Stones, concrete blocks or other objects help to contain the fire from children and keep it away from furniture and other belongings. In addition to the physical risk of burns and accidental fires, asthma and other lung conditions are disproportionately high among families using open fires, particularly in children. Smoke-stained walls speak for themselves. Pots...

Smokeless Stoves, Quiche

March 1, 2011

Wood fire kitchens have been ubiquitous throughout the western highlands for as long as most families can remember. While cooking over an open fire provides heat during cold nights at high altitudes, is cheaper than gas, more accessible than electric and leaves a comforting trace of smoky goodness in every meal, open fires can also create serious health risks for the families who use them.

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