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btw, the picture is of me working on my own house in Chicago but if you look very closely, the work gloves have a Habitat logo, I think.

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Heading back to Haiti

My first Global Village trip with Habitat for Humanity was to India in 2000. Since then, I have had the privilege to join Habitat teams in Uganda and Papua New Guinea; as well as New Orleans as a team leader after Hurricane Katrina. Separate from HFH, I have traveled with another aid organization to some of the poorest countries on our planet, one of which being Haiti. As the poorest country...

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A sense of urgency

In a recent article posted in The Guardian, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter suggests we need to view housing, not as a dream, but a basic, human necessity.

A necessity that is urgently unfulfilled for many, but that many of us have the resources to help provide. A necessity that every person should have the right to have a shot at.

"When we understand the magnitude of housing...

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Porque quiero ir a Haiti...

Desde hace mucho tiempo, estaba pensando ser parte de una brigada de voluntarios. Trabajo con HFH El Salvador desde inicios del 2007 y nunca he tenido la oportunidad de experimentar que se siente estar del otro lado de la moneda, estar en primera fila en la transformación de vidas tanto de voluntarios, como de familias. Después de involucrarme en la participación de mas de 400 grupos de...

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The Need for Housing in Haiti

I truly believe that nobody can help and take care of a person the way that individual can take care of himself, but in order to be able to perform this monumental task an individual must be physically well. I want to enable people to help themselves by making sure that they are healthy. The most fundamental need in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to have basic and decent housing with...

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Habitat's prototype house for the Santo community is under construction!

Habitat's core house prototype for the Santo community is now under construction. Once complete, community members will provide their feedback as part of Habitat's community engagement process. We are making progress and getting closer to building homes for 100 families during the Carter Work Project!

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Hilarity For Haiti!!

Tonight was so fun! A great crowd of supportive folks came out for an improv comedy show with my super fun improv friends, and donated a bunch of money! We had a silent auction with generous donations from local businesses, and our host venue was awesome - my across-the-alley neighbors own a lovely coffee shop in my neighborhood called Dolce Casa Cafe, and as it turns out, it's a great venue...

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Hope, Homes and Happiness

When you are part of Habitat for Humanity, you get the privilege to understand that a Home is more than 4 walls and a roof. Home is the place where a family happens - exactly that. You see their faces brigthen up when the family receives the key for their home and that's one of the most beautiful moments that you can ever be part of! I bet we all smile, get goose bumps or even cry a little...

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Only 55 more days...

In 55 days, I will head out of my comfy home and into a world that has been demolished by earthquake, hurricane, food shortages, disease, floods, etc. So many people are in need of basic items. Shelter is a huge part of bringing people and families up and onward. Habitat has been there from the beginning, with emergency shelter kits. I am humbled to be a part of a team that will help secure...

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Past Habitat for Humanity Global Village Trips

As I prepare to head to Haiti this August, I pause to think of all of the past trips I have been blessed to participate on with Habitat for Humanity's Global Village program. Here are a few photos from all different locations. In each, I was able to work alongside a family or two and make a lasting difference in their lives and mine. I am humbled, nervous and excited to be a part of the first...

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